Our Work

Moebius Partners is registered in Oregon, USA.  It operates as a for-benefit company by its commitment to partnership with diverse clients who seek to activate and engage the underpinnings and processes required for collective impact and lasting change in the many fields that contribute to conservation and enduring development.  We are both client-driven and proactive.  We take on projects for which we are contracted and we will propose and manage projects when there is a serious strategic need or opportunity.  To us change is ignited more and more from the bottom-up, from exceptional individuals and groups.  We work hard to enable change agents - established and emerging leaders - to analyze the driving forces or systems they seek to affect, identify the key levers that unleash human potential, and to create the core conditions for collaborative, long-term, durable and adaptive actions, solutions and learning. 

Our expertise emerges from working in many regions in the Americas, including the US, Mexico, Central and South America, and in many fields such as forestry, range and marine resources management, environmental technology and management, community and business development, and philanthropy.

Fields of expertise

•    Capacity assessment and building, leadership training and coaching
•    Systems analysis
•    Creative solutions to complex problems
•    Project and portfolio assessment, especially of foundation strategy and grant-making
•    Facilitation and negotiation for purposeful project planning and implementation, especially at the community and regional levels
•    Non- and for-profit incubation and governance
•    Partnership formation and networks, coalition and innovative governance development
•    Shared visioning, planning and implementation management
•    Strategic and business planning
•    Impact measurement [especially collective impact]
•    Brokering and facilitating relationships and partnerships between organizations and co-creative problem-solving
•    Impact and mission related business development and investment
•    Policy analysis and formulation