Our Purpose

Our purpose is to bring about scalable examples of collaborative change in places and in domains of practice that contribute to a World that flourishes socially, economically and ecologically. 

We live and work by the following core values:

Pursue trust by…
Listening to, respecting and engaging diverse voices
Relentless integrity, transparency and honesty
Steadfast commitment to the service of others

Advance innovative solutions through…
Collaboration and partnerships at all levels
Commitment to ideas, learning and adaptation
Engaging all sectors of society

Leverage lasting change by…
Thinking and acting in the context of systems and cooperative advantage
Honoring and celebrating bright spots
Anticipating and avoiding blind spots
Re-investing a portion of our profits in the projects we undertake and communities we live in

Become the best organization we can be by…
Dedication to vision, purpose and core values
Accountability to and achievement of agreed-upon plans through teamwork
Recognizing accomplishment and contribution
Personal growth, life balance and responsibility to self, colleagues and family

Having fun!