Current Initiatives


Comité Ciudadáno para la Energía Renovable y Calidad del Aire (CERCA) - A multi-faceted citizens group concerned with the welfare of all residents - and the on-going resilience and competitiveness - of La Paz, Baja California Sur, CERCA studies the energy system of the state and its links to human health.  CERCA proposes practical solutions.   Moebius Parnters provides a variety of support services to CERCA as it evolves and grows over time.


Sustainable Communities Group (SCG) - Centered around Cabo Pulmo National Park on Baja California Sur's East Cape, SCG seeks to enable regenerative development in the lands around the Park thereby protecting and restoring the unique and vital marine and terrestrial ecosystems - and providing meaningful, long-term economic opportunity to local communities.  Moebius Partners convenes experts to generate solutions, raise necessary capital, work with local communities, and engage land owners.


Agave Soluciones - Agave Soluciones is focussed on solving the Tequila industry's two principle environmental challenges - waste water and waste fiber.  As a result it is enabling new energy sources and a partial solution to the growing demand for the globally declining peat moss supply for the garden industry.  Moebius Partners helps Agave Soluciones identify capital opportunities, reach out to key groups in the US and Mexico that can provide technical and policy assistance, and strengthen relationships with key partners in Mexico.